Shimmer in a blue sky

An #ownvoices Taiwan-inspired The Scorpio Races meets Studio Ghibli in SHIMMER IN A BLUE SKY, a MG fantasy following a girl who has to win a dragon race to enter the forbidden land holding her kidnapped father. But to qualify for the race, she must first unravel the curse that stole her magic and turned her beloved dragon, Orys, invisible.

​This is a Pitch Wars 2018 novel, revised under the mentorship of the brilliant Jessica Vitalis and Julie Artz. You can read my showcase entry here and read about my Pitch Ways experience here.

​Status: On submission.

Image credits (left to right and top to bottom): vadimys, Kamenuka, Mark Hall-Patch, annamachtart, Larm Rmah, Vicki Lewis, Paul Richards, Fi's Sketchblog, Alex Shutin. 

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